Treat with a matte varnish

If you prefer to maintain the 'natural' appearance, I recommend treating the chair with a matte varnish, which can be purchased at any hardware store or you may even still have at home.

You can apply the colorless matte furniture lacquer yourself with a roller. It provides a transparent protective layer. You won't be bothered by scratches and other forms of wear.

It is important to first lightly sand the untreated chair and then apply the furniture lacquer (2 to 3 layers) on a completely clean and grease-free surface. Is lemonade or something similar poured over it after the treatment? The varnish even protects against household cleaners. This means that you can simply clean the seat properly without damaging the paint layer.

This way you can enjoy the chair for years to come.

Are you a creative painter yourself?

If you are a painter yourself or know someone who is, then it is of course also a lot of fun
to make your personal chair even more personal.

NOTE!!!: Think about what would work best for you; paint the chair first before putting it in
together or after each other, that is different for everyone.

The photo with the children's hands speaks volumes, but you can also use your...
get inspiration from:

  • the birth card
  • a Disney character
  • his/her favorite cuddly toy etc... you can't imagine anything so crazy.

This way the chair becomes his/her own 'big' little people chair.

To prevent the paint from rubbing off and to ensure the durability of the paint, it is advisable to finish the chair with a matte varnish. (see: treating with a matte varnish).

Creative children?

Getting started with water-based paint yourself is of course also very fun and educational. Just ask an adult for some help.

  • Light and easy to move

  • Stable and strong

  • Sam is completely happy with her chair

Chair completely in 1 color

If you prefer one beautiful color, choose the KLIK KLAK colors pastel blue or pastel pink.
It is not recommended to do it yourself, as the paint will then go over the laser-cut KLIK KLAK edges.