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Want to sustainably protect the natural look? Or decorate the chair creatively together. The treatment options are endless.

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The KLIK-CLAK chair: handmade using laser cutting technology and high quality FSC approved birch wood. This beautiful sustainable wooden high chair is a fantastic gift to sit on every day.

The seat is ideal for children from 0 to 4 years old.
Even little ones from 9 months can learn to stand up, climb and even walk with the chair, because the chair is light, low, strong and stable.

A chair with your own name. The name of your child, nephew, niece or grandchild. Each chair is unique.
A FUNctional timeless chair.

Product information

Suitable for children aged 0-4. The chair weighs only 1.3 kg.
The Klik-Klak chair is super strong, even adults (certainly up to 90 kg) can sit and stand on it!

Benefits of a laser cut highchair

Accuracy: The laser makes very precise cuts, ensuring the parts fit together perfectly, making the chair sturdy and stable.

Creative Design: The beautiful Klik-Klak pattern can be cut and engraved with a laser, making the chair very unique.

Safety: Highchairs must be safe for use by children. Laser cutting can prevent sharp edges and splinters, making the chairs safe to sit on.

Durability: This wooden laser cut high chair is made of durable wood that is long lasting and can withstand daily use.

Environmentally friendly: Laser cutting is an environmentally friendly process because little waste is produced.

Supports motor development

The Klik-Klak chair has a smaller size than other chairs. This, in combination with the stability and slightly flared legs, gives a toddler a helping hand in learning to stand and walk. This is possible from about 9 months. At about 18 months they can already sit well on the chair; development accelerates with the help of the Klik-Klak chair.

Do it yourself easily!

The included mounting kit is put together for any DIY chair and makes it easy. Each kit includes;

  • clearly written instructions
  • perfect fit floor protectors
  • wood glue (no screws needed)
  • touch-up marker (when needed)

Fun and functional

Appendix with the dimensions.